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What is this “Buffet Button” and how does it work?

Raise your hand if you like buffets. 

For those of us who enjoy a good meal, or even an after-work beer or two, there has always been one problem: food babies. 

When your shirt fits you well, your shirt will be more form-fitting and not baggy. So what usually happens when you have a food baby in a normal, well-fitting shirt is the fabric gaps when your belly pushes against the buttons, causing the fabric to stretch.

Which looks like this: 

Blue men's dress shirt that is too tight. The fabric between the buttons gaps.

Not a good look, right? 

To solve this we designed what we call the Buffet Button. The 7th and 8th buttons on the button panel are designed to add 3mm of extra horizontal waist stretch, so the shirt expands with you as you expand. This prevents the fabric gaps that aren’t so flattering. 

Moving image of GQWhite's Buffet Button expanding as the wearer's stomach expands, like they are very full after a big meal.

Then, when you’re no longer full, just slide the button back to its original position. 

This is just one problem GQWhite™ solves because we didn’t want to make just a good white shirt, but the best white shirt. 


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