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GQWhite™ Mask Plus Size (XXL)


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GQWhite™ Mask Plus Size now available for pre-order

The GQWhite™ Mask Plus Size (XXL) has all the same protective features as the GQWhite™ Mask. The mask comes in a specially big design, together with a stronger stopper on the secure fit head strap for a customizable fit. Available in Black only.

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GQWhite™ Mask Features


Using the same technology from our ultimate white shirt GQWhite™, the outer layer of the mask repels liquids that may contain germs away from the surface.

Protective Antibacterial Interior

Protective Inner layer utilizes Perma™ antibacterial material with Nano Zinc Technology to minimize bacteria growth, including bacteria that causes odors and acne.

Specially big design

The mask is 40% bigger, covering all the way from your nose to your chin. A nose clip helps create a custom fit around your face.

Longer Adjustable Strap

20% longer adjustable ear loops and stronger bead stopper create a strong and secure fit. Strap can be used for hands-free wear around your neck.

GQWhite™ Mask Care Instructions

Hand wash separately with room temperature water.

Do not clean with disinfectant.

Do not use fabric softener

Do not bleach

Do not dry clean

Hang dry

GQWhite™ Mask Dual Layer Technology

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