When clothes are functioning and fitting the way they should be, you’re not going to be thinking about them. We design highly functional, elevated basics that are so easy to wear you’re more focused on your day and not, say, a wrinkled shirt.

Solving everyday problems through good design.

Based in Thailand, we deal with the heat every day. Every day. This was also the case when we designed our first polos in 1969. When it came down to choosing a fabric for our first polos, we went with mercerized cotton, a cool and breathable material to be more comfortable to wear in the heat. That’s where we started focusing on solving problems through good design, and it’s something we’re still doing more than 50 years later.




Today we’re looking at a wider range of problems to solve through the lens of our decades of experience making high-quality apparel. For example, for those who don’t own an iron, or don’t have time to, we’ve made every piece of our Essentials Collection with wrinkle-resistant fabric. Or for when your phone slides out of your pocket when you sit down, we built a designated smartphone pocket in all our pants.

We found that it was hard to find a good fitting shirt with the current industry sizing standards, so we developed 12 unique sizes for GQ SizeTM to create not just a good fit, but the perfect fit. We could go on.

We’re continuously looking to make classic, essential clothes that perform and fit better. Because even if we can’t solve all your problems, hopefully, we can solve some.

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Currently, you can find GQ in almost every country in Southeast Asia. Come visit us at one of our retail stores today.

GQ is the registered holder of the GQ Trademark in Thailand and many countries across Asia.