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Meet the New GQ

We’ve been in this business for over 50 years, and our logo hasn’t evolved much since. That in itself is a good thing, we loved our previous logo and so did our customers. But we as a brand are evolving: we’re increasing our focus on what our customers need out of clothes, we’re using cutting-edge design and fabrics to produce highly functional apparel, and we launched our new website, so customers across Asia can purchase our clothes online. With all this (good) change, we knew we needed a new look to reflect our progress as a brand.

Here’s what’s changed:

Our logo

Sleeker font, bold design. Our logo still includes the iconic red stripes, which symbolizes joy, luck and happiness — all things we value at GQ.

Our shirt sizing

We measured and interviewed 1,000 Thai men to figure out how we can create a better fitting shirt for Asian men. We then spent more than 10,000 hours in development to formulate GQ Size. We created 10 new unique sizes and figured out that you just need one measurement to find your perfect size. Learn more about our revolutionary new sizing algorithm with GQ Size.

Our look and feel

We refreshed our retail outlets with a fresh new layout and design. We also created a new website, so you can shop when it’s convenient, and changed our lookbook design, so you can see what’s important: the clothes.

What hasn’t changed:

Our quality

GQ stands for “Good Quality.” We’ve built a legacy of providing high-quality clothes for an affordable price, and we’re going to continue to live out our namesake.

Solution-driven design

We want our clothes to look nice, but also be functional. We knew not every guy owned an iron, so we designed clothes with wrinkle-resistant fabric. We knew wearing a suit in a hot and humid climate could be uncomfortable, so we sourced materials that we’re cooling and breathable. We always look for a solution to common problems, so that when you wear our clothes, they’re how clothes should’ve always been.
Whether you’ve been wearing GQ for years, or just found us now, we hope you enjoy the new things we have to offer.


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