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Limited Distance Edition T-Shirt

This t-shirt is designed with a signal that reminds people to keep a safe, more than 2 meters distance. If you can read this shirt, you’re too close.

Limited Distance Edition GQWhite™ Mask

All the same 7 protective features from the liquid-repellent reusable GQWhite™ Mask, now with a message on the mask for others to keep a proper distance.



The WHO recommends to keep a distance of at least 2 meters or more to prevent the public spread of the virus, so we designed an optometrist certified message that is unreadable at 2 meters distance.


Wearing a fabric mask can help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets and is another tool to protect yourself when running essential errands.


This collection will guide you to take good care of yourself, not just with the physical distancing message on the outside, but with special care instructions for preventing illness on the inside of the shirt.


All the proceeds from our Limited Distance Edition collection will go to the Ramathipbodi Foundation’s for respirators and medical equipment.